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Born in Missouri, Lorin has spent the last 20 years in the Greater Yellowstone area.  Profoundly influenced by this nearly intact ecosystem, she incorporates the designs found int nature whenever possible.  Light, depth, texture, contrast, temperature, are major design influences.

Commissioned to do a residential interior mural in 2018, Lorin posted a photo of a demolished barn in the Ozarks adding the caption, "Shopping."  Reclaimed Barn wood would be the ideal canvas for the Midwestern plains family to commemorate its heritage.

More than one of her clients has benefited from Lorin's life experience as a carpenter earlier in life.  Take the Saketome Sushi Restaurant in Missoula, MT where Lorin designed a 7 ft. tall, 25 ft. long hand-carved maple wood salmon.  The salmon wall sculpture was made possible from her earlier days in making skateboards using her home made press and veneering her own plywood.  

Wildly imaginative, Lorin is inclined to throw in touches of fantasy and whimsy whenever possible, which is exactly what she did for the prominent Bozeman restaurant, JAM!  Owner Aaron Parker offered up his 75 ft. long x 15 ft. tall wall.   She made use of the wall as her personal sketchpad, bringing it to life just as Jazz musicians do with their improvisational style.